Friday, September 25, 2009


I am drinking ice tea.
"nestea green tea with a twist of real fruit juice mango"
nom nom nom.
and horses
and pushy girlfriends.
The movie which is playing atm is a Disney Channel Original called:
"Horse Sense"

"A lazy 20 year old named Michael Woods invites his cousin Tommy Biggs to come and spend time with him in L.A. Tommy is thrilled to see his cousin after years of not seeing each other. When Tommy arrives in L.A. Michael ignores Tommy the whole time and makes him feel unwelcome. Then, Arlene the housekeeper has a talk with Michael about ignoring Tommy and Michael says he will take Tommy to Disneyland and they would have a good time. On their way to Disneyland his girlfriend Gina, who is a total drama queen and a snob calls him and asks him if he wants to come see her and her father at the racetrack. Michael says yes and takes Tommy to a Kiddie Zone so Michael could go to the racetrack. On the way back to get Tommy, Michael gets in a car accident and writes down the wrong information to the victim, Diedre White. Michael and Tommy get into an argument when Michael gets home and Tommy leaves the next day. Tommy's mother calls Michael's parents to tell him how rude Michael was to Tommy. Then, Michael's parents punish him by sending him to Tommy and his aunt's ranch to work for a month for free. Michael then learns that the ranch is going to be foreclosed at the end of the month, so Michael and Tommy put their differences aside and work together to save the ranch from foreclosure. Michael, having studied the aspect of land trusts in college, realizes that since the ranch cares for wild horses, it is eligible to be overseen by the state government and shielded against repossession. Although Michael has learned his lesson about showing respect to his family and his parents allow him to go to Europe with Gina, he refuses to do so in order to return to Montana to deliver the good news to his family, where he empties his trust fund to save their ranch. Michael also learns a valuable lesson about loyalty and love, which proves to be one of the central aspects of the film."

rooooooooooofl. I am definitely going to do history now. ahhahaha. :D

Im still hungry. I feel like buying kids toys.

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